Electrical Contacts

Electrical Spring Contacts

Peninsula Spring is a leading supplier of precision electrical spring contacts for a broad range of applications including portable electronics, circuit boards, computers and communication devices. We lead the industry in rapid prototyping quantities and short runs through the use of our large amount of on-hand tooling.  We can also accommodate large volume orders with the use of hard tooling.  No matter the quantity, our excellence in quality control can assure you that every part will be manufactured with the same, exacting tolerances.  In many cases, we can prototype spring contacts in the same timeframe it takes our competition to return a price quotation. 


Technology is growing at a staggering rate.  Peninsula Spring continues keep up with this ever-changing demand by using our knowledge and hands-on experience. Spring contacts are used in almost everything from electronic components, surgical equipment and weapons systems, to everyday items such as cell phones and the mouse you are holding.  In most cases, electrical spring contacts not only need to properly conduct electricity, but are also required to exert a contact force.  We will be happy to assist you in developing solutions to fulfill your needs.