Extension Springs

Extension and Tension Springs

A proper extension spring design will not only store energy and offer resistance to a pulling force, but do so reliably. Extension springs, also known as tension springs, typically have hooks, loops, or end coils that can be attached to separate points and then used to pull the spring apart.  They usually have a constant diameter body.  However, in some cases, they are barrel shaped.  When required, Peninsula Spring can manufacture a custom extension spring design that incorporates extended or special shaped hooks.

Extension Springs can be used for many applications and come in a vast variety of materials and finishes.  At Peninsula Spring, we can custom make any type of extension spring to meet your specifications.  Regardless of the industry, quality, custom extension springs are always in high demand.  They can be found in almost anything from simple, old machinery to complex medical devices to satellites.  Peninsula Spring excels in custom extension spring design and supplies a wide variety of customers in the computer, medical, aerospace and defense industries.