spring and wire clips

Spring clips are often used to hold components in place. While the configurations are endless, the majority of clips are designed to maintain a constant pressure while holding a component in place.

Sheet metal clips are parts that are stamped, laser cut, or photo-chemically etched from a sheet of material.  In most cases, these blanks are then formed, heat treated as necessary and finished to print. Peninsula Spring takes pride in being an industry leader in the engineering and manufacturing of custom spring clips.  We can punch, cut, stamp or bend just about any shape imaginable.

Wire clips are generally produced with round, spring tempered wire. However, we can manufacture wire clips using shaped wire with no difficulty.  The wire clips are then properly heat-treated and finished as required.

We have also made countless heat sink clips for the computer and medical industries.  Certain designs require the use of heat sink clips that are able to withstand high temperatures without fatiguing.  For delicate components, the heat sink clips need to provide exacting amounts of pressure. Peninsula Spring has the knowledge and experience to solve your problems!

Regardless of the industry, spring clips are always in high demand.  They can be found in almost anything from simple, old machinery to complex medical devices to satellites.  Peninsula Spring manufactures custom wire clips for a wide variety of customers in the computer, medical, aerospace and defense industries.

Engineered Wire Clips

Peninsula Spring works with our customers to develop custom spring clips that will seamlessly integrate into their final application. There are number of common types of spring clips that are easily manufactured to your specifications:

  • Wire Clips
  • Heat Sink Clips
  • Clamps
  • Clasps
  • Closures