Laser Cutting Services

Services for Laser Cutting Metal

Quality is our number one priority at Peninsula Spring. We are proud to now offer precision laser cutting services. Regardless of the quantity, tolerances of +/- .004” are easily obtained with our reliable, high precision laser cutter. Laser cutting is an ideal way to quickly manufacture prototypes and short-run orders. The custom laser cutting process eliminates the need for expensive tooling, thus enabling us to create prototypes at minimal cost and in very short time frames.  Our training and experience with our laser equipment translates to uniform, tight-tolerance parts order after order.

Our staff is fully trained in CAD.  Our customers sometimes provide us with their own flat pattern drawings. However, if you have a concept for a part and don’t have the time or software, we would be more than happy to draw the flat pattern for you. 

Our Coherent Diamond Series Laser Cutter can cut a variety of materials with accuracy and repeatability. With custom laser cutting, our staff minimizes the amount of material waste.  This material savings translates to monetary savings and is passed along to our customers.  An advantage of our laser equipment over the competition is that it offers a very low heat affected area. Our laser cutting services produce a precision part that doesn’t have warping issues that are normally associated with higher-powered laser cutters.