Electrical Spring & Spring Finger Contacts

Electrical Spring Contacts

Electrical contacts are soft, highly-conductive, oxidation-resistant materials that are used as the fundamental makeup of electrical components. Spring loaded electrical connectors and shield fingers are the materials within a system through which an electrical current flow. Electrical spring contacts, leaf spring electrical contacts and spring finger contacts are regularly utilized in nearly every type of small printed circuit board application including electrical switches, relays and breakers.

Peninsula Spring is an industry leader in rapid prototyping and short runs of spring loaded electrical contacts. We can accommodate large volume orders by using our on-hand hard tooling options. Contact us for more information regarding shield fingers and electrical spring contacts, or call us at 877-711-COIL with any questions that you may have.

Electrical Spring Contacts

Electrical spring contacts are critical devices that make it convenient and easy to control a wide range of devices that are electrically powered. The main component in spring-loaded connectors are the spring-loaded pins, or pogo pin contacts that provide a highly reliable, interconnect solution for many demanding applications. Each pogo pin contact is precision-machined to ensure a high quality, low resistance and compliant connector. Some of the material properties associated with electrical spring contacts. Include:

  • Conductivity
  • Current load
  • Hardness
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Size
  • Form

No matter the quantity, our superior quality control specialists guarantee that all our spring-loaded electrical contacts are manufactured to your exact specifications. In many cases, we can prototype your electrical spring contacts in the same timeframe it takes our competition to return a price quotation.

Electrical Spring Contact Applications

Peninsula Spring is a leading supplier of precision spring-loaded electrical contacts for a broad range of applications, including:

  • Portable electronics
  • Circuit boards
  • Computers & Communication devices
  • Electronic components
  • Surgical equipment
  • Weapons systems
  • Cell phones
  • And more

In most cases, electrical spring contacts not only need to properly conduct electricity but are also required to exert a contact force. We will be happy to assist you in developing solutions to fulfill your needs.

Spring Finger Contacts

Spring finger contacts, or shield fingers are a single contact, surface mountable, internal connector. They provide electrical connections, grounding services and filter EMI noise and static for PCB and other electrical components. Spring fingers are also used as a connection for stacking applications between primary and secondary PCBs. In addition, spring fingers provide vibration shielding from motors, antennas, microphones, speakers and more. Since exact heights and depressions can be matched to many applications, our spring shield contacts allows for a diverse range of design flexibility.

Spring Finger Contact Benefits

Spring shields are available in numerous sizes and custom designs with many diverse beneficial qualities. Some of the major advantages associated with spring fingers, include:

  • Provides an easy and inexpensive method for connecting multiple PCBs
  • Prevents EMI noise and static
  • Provides a highly reliable connection
  • Allows for versatility in design of the PCB
  • Does not require expensive specialized equipment

Spring Shield Contact Applications

Spring finger contacts are regularly used in in all types of small printed circuit board applications across a wide range of industries. Some of the more prevalent applications, include:

  • Low voltage electrical connections
  • Cell phones/smart phones
  • GPS units
  • Digital cameras
  • Laptops
  • Grounding to prevent EMI noise
  • Antenna feeds
  • Automotive electronics
  • And more

Spring Shield Product Options

Spring fingers can be assembled to PCBs and can be used as grounding contacts, shielding contacts or for general electrical connections between PCBs. There are many available spring finger options that can be utilized within your application, some of the possibilities include:

  • Standard Flat Contacts - Standard Box or C type spring fingers contain simple geometry for easy application.
  • Pre-Loaded Round or Flat Contacts - Pre-loaded spring fingers are recommended when a stable electrical contact with minimal deflection is needed. The force change is minimized over working range of the spring finger.
  • Ultra-Low-Profile Contacts - Ultra low profile, Y type spring fingers, are used in applications where low effective heights are necessary.
  • Pre-Loaded Scalable Contacts - The scalable family of spring fingers provides the same benefits as pre-loaded spring fingers, but with a common footprint.

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