Spring Washers

Spring washers are parts that are stamped, laser cut, or photochemically etched from a sheet of material.  In most cases, the blanks are then formed, heat treated as necessary and finished to print. Spring washers can be used alone or in stacks to achieve the desired load and travel. Peninsula Spring takes pride in being an industry leader in the engineering and manufacturing of custom spring washers.  We can punch, cut, stamp or bend just about any shape imaginable.


Spring washers work by squishing flat between the nut and the mounting surface when tightened. The sharp edges of the washer then dig into the nut and mounting surface to prevent counter-clockwise rotation.


Spring Washer Applications


Regardless of the industry, custom washers are always in high demand.  They can be found in almost anything from simple, old machinery to complex medical devices to satellites.  Peninsula Spring manufactures custom washers for a wide variety of industries, including:


  • Computer
  • Medical
  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • And more


Curve Washers


Curve washers can be designed and used in many devices where tight space constraints don’t permit the use of conventional wire springs.  Of all the spring washers, curve washers offer the highest amount of deflection.  Another advantage is that they can be used to take up “slack” in many designs where constant pressure is required. Curve washers are well suited for applications requiring flexibility and light loads (from ounces up to about a hundred pounds) and repeated cycles through a range of motion.


Wave Washers


Wave washers are spring washers that are designed to offer a compression force and maintain a load or take up “slack” between two surfaces.  The waves in the washer act like a compression spring in such a way that when a load if applied, the waves deflect. Wave washers are generally used when there is limited radial space. Peninsula Spring manufactures custom metal wave washers to almost any size or shapes imaginable.  


Belleville Washers


Stainless steel Belleville washers, also known as disc washers, are one of the most common types of spring washers. These conical shaped Belleville washers can be used alone or stacked. Depending on the application, they can also be stacked in either parallel form, series form, or a combination of both.


Since Belleville washers have a conical configuration it enables them to them to support high loads with relatively small deflections and solid heights compared to helical springs. Stainless steel Belleville Washers are often used to fix vibration, relaxation, bolt creep and thermal expansion problems.


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