Custom Wire Forms

Custom Wire Forms

Peninsula Springs precision wire forms are created by forming metal wire into certain shapes. Generally, custom wire forms are manufactured from wire that is bent to specific angles and lengths. Our wire forming manufacturing specialists, and precision machines, can form both round and shaped wire from .003" diameter up to .375" diameter or larger, depending on the material type.

Peninsula Spring has been manufacturing all different shapes and sizes of custom wire forms for many years. Through our custom wire forming manufacturing process, each wire form is given the same personal attention as the last, resulting in complete uniformity of your entire order.

Wire Forming Manufacturing Applications

Regardless of the industry, wire forms are always in high demand. They can be found in almost anything, including:

  • Old machinery
  • Complex medical devices
  • Satellites
  • Light bulb filaments
  • Bridge suspension
  • And many more

In addition, Peninsula Spring custom manufactures precision wire forms for a wide variety of customers in the computer, medical, aerospace and defense industries.


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