Custom Spiral Springs

Spiral-Torsion Springs

Peninsula Spring’s spiral-torsion springs are produced from rectangular-section, annealed (soft) spring steel, and are categorized by the condition that their coils typically do not touch during operation. Once properly formed, the custom spiral springs are then heat-treated to achieve their proper spring function.

Like wire torsion springs, our custom spiral springs produce a linear torque. In most cases, spiral torsion-springs are best suited for applications requiring less than 360 degrees of angular rotation. However, properly designed custom spiral springs may exceed that limit if there is no coil binding, which would cause an unwanted spike in torque and stress.

Peninsula Springs is located in the Bay Area, right in the heart of Silicon Valley. Contact us today with any question you may have regarding our spiral tension springs, or request a quote.

Spiral Torsion-Spring Applications

Peninsula Spring is a leading supplier of precision spiral-torsion springs for a broad range of applications, including:

  • Generators
  • Motors
  • Counterbalances
  • Door closures
  • Office equipment
  • Rewind devices
  • POP displays

Industries Served

Our custom spiral spring specialists serve a wide range of industries, some of which include:

  • Automotive & transportation
  • Medical
  • Industrial tools
  • Electrical motors

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